Lilac and floral

Three weeks ago, I was feeling a bit girly and thought of wearing a dress. Then, I realized that I just received a package of dresses and a romper from Bazaarista Online Shop, an online clothing line for ladies here in the Philippines. Check out their Instagram account here.

Obviously, here’s just one of the beautiful dresses I have received from them. I adore its style which is very feminine, as well as its lovely floral prints. It has some shades of blue and pink so I settled for this beautiful Lilac cardigan which was originally from Zara but I got it from a thrift shop in Japan along with my mustard cardigan which I wore on my previous blog which was Mustard and Navy. Anyway, I love how comfortable this dress was. It was so easy to move, to the point that it felt like I wasn’t wearing a dress anymore. Not to mention the fact that its fabric was I think partly or completely made of silk, I’m not sure. Ugh, I’m just not good in determining which fabric it is.

For my footwear, I am wearing this pair of maroon flats from American Eagle which I got from Payless. And yes, I do have wounds on both of my feet. I got them from the sandals I have worn a few days ago. πŸ™ It looks ugly but I wouldn’t want to let my feet suffer again by wearing a pair of close shoes. So might as well just werk it! πŸ˜‰

Then, I settled for simple accessories and a low-sided fishtail braid to keep this look subtle yet chic at the same time.

Dress: Bazaarista Online Shop | Cardigan: Zara | Flat shoes: American Eagle (which I got from Payless)

Awkward poses. I know. Sorry about that! :p

To those who are interested here’s their Viber number as well:
0947 079 6251

What do you guys think of this look?
If I were you, what would you pair with this dress?

Let me know in the comments below.