Challenge: 101 things to do in 1,001 days

As you may notice, I haven’t posted anything similar like this before. I haven’t done any challenges nor any lists of whatsoever, so this is something new to me. You may always see more of my daily outfits, skincare routines, and travel trips. But this time, I’ve decided to do something a bit more personal.

I’ve seen this challenge from The Nerdy Me, and it quite intrigued me. I was a sucker for filling up slam books before, so this is indeed something I’m interested in doing. Apparently, you need to list down 101 things you wanted to achieve or visit in the next 1,001 days. Sounds fun, right?
However, while jotting down on my list, some of the things that pop into my head were part of my long-term goals as well as a bit of my wishful thinking list. Nevertheless, I still wanted to include those in my list, and of course, I’m aware that I won’t be able to fulfill all these within two and a half years. But here it goes…
1. Blog at least 2-3 times a week.
2. Be consistent, and so as not to leave my blog hanging again.
3. Have a domain of my choice.
4. Connect with more people.
5. Get myself a laptop — one of the reasons why I sometimes have a hard time blogging.
6. Host a blog giveaway.
7. Do more collaborations with different brands and sites.
Clothing business
8. Join bazaars.
9. Physical store/s or store branch.
10. More advertisements.
11. Provide a wider selection of items.
12. Create and launch my own designs.
13. To become a supplier for other merchants.
14. Launch a mother-daughter matching apparel.
15. Launch a men apparel.
16. Host a gift certificate giveaway.
17. Provide for my family.
18. Save for emergency money.
19. Save money for traveling purposes.
20. Stay debt-free.
21. Help out my grandparents’ for their financial needs.
22. Provide school allowance for my brother.
23. Get an insurance.
24. Start and end my day by praising God.
25. Seek Him not only when I’m down, but also when I’m at my happiest.
26. Tithing — giving Him back 10% of my income, besides, 100% of it is from Him anyway. Right?
27. No to temptations.
28. Go to church every Sunday. — Guilty of not being able to do so 🙁
29. Sing praises to Him as if I’m singing my favorite Ariana Grande songs.
30. Share His word to others.
31. Invite a friend to come with me on a Sunday service.
32. Give any amount to those who are in need. Most especially those who begs in the streets.
33. Treat my family or friends once in a while.
34. Be more generous.
35. Surprise others with simple gestures such as giving a chocolate bar or a cup of coffee without any reason.
36. Participate or donate to a charity program. 
Travel | Adventure | Outdoor activities
37. Visit as many places as I can.
38. Get a keychain, a ref magnet and any souvenir to every new place I’ve been.
39. Go hiking.
40. Try skiing.
41. Go snowboarding and bravely get down the mountains without having to ride the snow patrol. Haha!
42. Visit more Disney parks.
43. Visit more theme parks.
44. Go ice skating in an outdoor rink. While snowing would be perfect!
45. Try boxing and archery.
46. Visit Japan again with complete family members.
47. Visit South Korea with complete family members.
48. Go on an out of town trip with high school friends.
49. Travel with my best friend.
50. Travel or go on a road trip with my friends.
51. Learn more about my camera.
52. Street photography.
53. Try taking photos with random people as my subject.
54. Food photography.
55. Take good artsy photos.
56. Get an extra battery for my camera.
57. Get some spare memory cards for my camera.
58. Get a handy camera case.
59. Contain a #feedgoals Instagram feed.
Fashion | Beauty
60. Get a facial treatment once in a while. Because I don’t.
61. Get a body scrub and massage at least once a year. Haha!
62. Get hair treatments when I have an extra budget.
63. Use body lotion at least twice a day.
64. Be more experimental with my outfits.
65. Take outfit photos all the time.
66. Try out a new hairstyle and hair color.
Food | Lifestyle
67. Lessen sweet intakes.
68. Avoid eating unhealthy food.
69. Eat more fish than beef and pork.
70. Workout at least once or twice a week.
71. Keep up the love for water.
72. Sleep not too late, and have at least 7-8 hours a day of sleep.
73. Learn how to cook Filipino and pasta dishes.
74. Learn how to bake cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.
75. Eat vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.
76. Try new cuisines.
Land | Air | Sea
77. Learn how to drive.
78. Drive for my family especially for my dad.
79. Drive for my friends.
80. Buy a car.
81. Go on a luxurious cruise.
82. Tour around New York via helicopter.
83. Get into a job I love.
84. Attend some Meet and Greet events of famous bloggers, Youtubers or celebrities.
85. Read some books.
86. Get into dancing.
87. Get involved in for-a-cause events.
88. Get me into watching TV series again.
89. Learn calligraphy writing.
90. Enhance my English speaking and writing skills.
91. Study the French language again.
92. Learn how to speak different languages.
93. Learn how to speak different Philippine dialects.
94. Learn how to play an instrument.
95. Learn more about applying makeup.
96. Stop cutting my hair on my own.
97. Get my stuff more organized.
98. Go to a park, and relax, and chill.
99. Create more photo books with photos of my family and friends, and of course, my travel adventures.
100. To find and be found by the person who’s destined for me. Hahahaha chos!
101. Do another challenge or some sorts of lists again. 
Surprisingly, I started to blank out as soon as I reached number 96. Anyhow, I had so much fun writing these down and I hope to fulfill more than half of this list. So what are the things that are most likely part of your 101 things to do in 1,001 days list?
Let me know your thoughts. ♥