Wild Harvest Care’s coffee scrub

Lately, you guys know that I’ve been so much into skincare products. I’ve recently just blogged about my face skincare routine every morning and every night, as well as my experience with grape seed oil. Here are the links:  Morning skincare routine, Wonders of using organic oils and Night skincare routine ♥

But of course, I wouldn’t want to neglect my body. I want to give it its fair share of love, care, and attention too. To be honest, I am not that much big of a fan of body scrub. I’ve been using one for over a year now and I can say that it’s quite satisfying, but I don’t seem to use it frequently. However, I received a package last week from Wild Harvest Care containing a 200g pack of a 100% organic coffee scrub. 

So who/what is Wild Harvest Care?

Wild Harvest Care is an Australian organic skincare brand which aims to provide high-quality natural skin and body care. Their products are 100% made from natural ingredients, and of course, a 100% Australian made.

What does Australian coffee body scrub consist of?

It is a combination of grounded coffee beans and natural ingredients which help in cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Here’s the ingredients: Roasted Ground Coffee Blend, Australian Brown Sugar Cane, *Coconut Oil, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, *Celtic Sea Salt, Almond Oil, Australian Orange Essential Oil, Orange Peel Powder, Pink Murray River Salt, Jojoba Beads, Jojoba Oil, **Fragrance, p-Anisic Acid, Coffee Oil, Natural Vitamin E, *Certified Organic **Fragrance refers to preservative used to prevent mold

What about the price?

200 grams of Australian Coffee Body Scrub is worth $26.90 SGD. Their products may seem to be a little more expensive than other skin care products, nonetheless, owing to the fact that they only use natural extracts and no chemicals were added at all. Some companies tend to use chemicals which are undeniably cheaper to produce. I have nothing against those companies because I, myself, have been using one. However, I have no means sugar-coating anything but the truth, truly in Wild Harvest Care, you’ll get what you paid for. 

How to use it? As per the instruction from its packaging.

1. Dampen skin in the shower.
2. Massage a handful of scrub in circular motions and wait for the wild effect. (5 to 10 mins.)
3. Wash off and clean up – sexiest mess you can make ♥
4. Dry off and admire yourself! 🙂
5. Apply 2-4 times a week with as much as you can handle on your beautiful body or someone else’s! 😉

Reference for the given information stated above:

Below are my personal opinion and experience with Wild Harvest Care’s coffee body scrub ♥


They were true to their advocacies of being an organic brand. Their coffee scrub is packed in a resealable aluminum lined bag which I think is perfect especially for shipping overseas.

My feedback:

As soon as I opened it, a combination of citrus and coffee aroma uplifted my mood. It smells really good and its scent is not overwhelming at all. On the day that I received this package, I immediately tried it a few hours later. I was worried of the packaging might get wet, so as soon as I got myself into the shower, I poured a generous amount onto a soap holder thinking I would be needing this much.

After doing my shower routine, I started getting a right amount of the coffee body scrub from the soap holder and began massaging it onto my skin. It felt seriously good as well as relaxing at the same time. I’m guessing all my dead skins were removed. Lol. As a further matter, I have noticed that it wasn’t like the body scrub I have tried before which melts easily as soon as it gets onto your dampen skin.

Afterward, I thought of washing my hands first because I wanted to wait a little bit more until I wash it off. Yet, as I was washing my hands, I already felt how silky smooth both of my palms became. Of course, it was for the reason that I used both my hands in massaging the coffee scrub to my body. And so, I got really excited to wash off! At first, when I’ve read from its packaging that it will leave your skin silky smooth, I thought it was just a way of persuading their consumers. Let’s be honest here, that’s what most of the skincare brands claim. But based on my personal experience, Wild Harvest Care’s coffee scrub was definitely my favorite now!!! ♥ Not to exaggerate or anything but, it truly feels like you’ve used a body lotion while in the shower. My skin felt silky smooth even a few hours after getting out of the shower.

Disclaimer: I did not write these positive feedback not only because it was sponsored but, beyond that, I definitely had an amazing experience with this product. 

So, what are you guys waiting for? See it for yourself! Aside from the fact that it’s organic, it was undoubtedly effective, safe to use, and of course, beautiful for the skin! ♥

So to those who are interested I will leave the links below. Also, good news to those who live in Singapore, I believe they’re free shipping! ♥

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