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Steak and ramen

Day 3
April 25, 2016


Guess what we had for lunch? What a rhetorical question. I know, I know. I just can’t get enough of this burger steak with cheese filling! ♥ I know it doesn’t look like it but it was really good.

So we had this lunch in a steak restaurant called Volks. They offer an unlimited serving of soup, salad, and bread for each steak meals. Not to mention that it automatically comes with a bowl of rice. Well, there was actually a buffet area for these so apparently, you can choose whichever and how much you want.

So this is what I got! ♥

Clearly, Japanese are one of the most polite people in the world. Of course, that includes dining, especially in expensive restaurants. They have so much respect for food and the people around them. They don’t talk loudly in public, and they keep their mobile phones on silent mode. Having that noticed, I discreetly took some photos, but not too much. I wouldn’t want them to feel offended, especially our host who’s a Japanese, the father of my cousins. And it was really nice of him to take us out for lunch and dinner. 🙂

After lunch, we walked our way to a mall nearby and as soon as we got there, this is what I got from their vending machine. It has been one of my favorite drinks. It’s not too sweet, just a perfect blend! ♥

Then, for dinner, we decided to dine in the ramen restaurant we used to eat on our first day. Their bowls of ramen will surely make you well fed. We also shared this plate of gyoza or dumplings.

We pretty much spent the day eating sumptuous meals!
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