Pop of colors

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses

I needed to attend an important occurrence and be there for a friend. Today, I decided to wear a black long sleeved top and paired it with denim leggings. I went for a dark mood today since it was a down moment for him.

However, I thought why not add a pop of few colors to not make it look really dull and not be asked, “bakit black na black ka naman?” or in English “why are you wearing all black?” I guess it was actually common among Filipinos to get someone’s attention for wearing this or that. Sometimes I feel like it’s just okay for some people to do that but there are times that at the back of my mind I’m saying “so why do you care?” LOL! Is anyone as the same boat as me?

Obviously, I’m wearing my neon orange kicks from Nike and this plum colored sling bag from Secosana which was given by a friend a few years back. Also, I don’t know if you guys noticed but I love wearing choker necklaces lately! I was actually wondering how come a lot of girls wear that, but now… Not gonna lie, I cannot blame them for wearing these! ♥ And I think it kinda gives an effortless edge to your outfit.

You might be wondering how come I have the time to do some outfit shots at this moment, but I was actually waiting for another friend who’ll pick me up and we’ll both go to the venue along with some of our other friends.

Long sleeve top: Gap | Denim leggings: thrift shop | Sling bag: Secosana | Airmax Torch 4: Nike

What can you say about this look?

Let me know. 🙂