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Happy spring | AIRISH ABELLA

Happy spring

Day 3

April 25, 2016

We got to explore more of Kawaguchi today! ♥ So we went for a stroll to the places near the Kawaguchi train and bus station because it is where we usually gets a ride going home.

The Cherry Blossom season or also known as Sakura was already over. It was quite sad but, Japan didn’t disappoint me with their beautiful spring flowers! I don’t know if it’s just me, but for some reason, I tend to appreciate the flowers in other countries more than ours. I’m guessing because I’m from the city so I don’t see much here. But I guess it was more of the fact that it wasn’t well taken cared of by both the government and the citizens itself.

I wonder if you can find any empty street here in the Philippines. Lol. But this just also shows how well-disciplined the Japanese people are. They don’t just park their cars or bicycles anywhere.

And take a look at this very neat and organized construction site..

Oh, they have lovely parks too. ♥ When I was still doing my research on where to go in Japan, I’ve noticed that there were lots of recommended parks to visit. This shows that no matter how this country is so much into high technology, they still visit parks and get active into physical activities too.

I don’t know if you guys can tell but these flowers look so unreal to me. I mean, they look way too lively and bright which I believe can pass as plastic or artificial flowers. Haha! However, as you can see from the back, there’s an old lady who’s currently watering these flowers so you know they’re real. 😉

Aside from riding a bike, I’ve noticed how Japanese people are also fond of walking. No wonder why they still look so strong and healthy at this age. Not to mention their healthy intakes too. I think most of their food always have at least a few vegetables in it, and they do drink green tea every day.

Car park? Nope.

I know it was a bit rude, and this shot wasn’t pretty much decent but, I have always been fascinated with Japanese school girls’ uniform. I’m sorry but I just had to take this one. Just this one! Hahaha. Isn’t it kawaii? ♥

And to all my Filipino readers out there, look what I found! It’s Star Studio magazines with Jadine on the cover, plus some other Filipino magazines too. Found these in a magazine stall from a mall we went to. I just felt too captivated by these! 🙂

And here’s our first “purikura” 🙂
Who says it’s only for girls?
Kudos to my dad who happily joined us!

After that visit to the mall, we walked our way back to Kawaguchi train and bus station. And along the way, we saw this pre-school. I believe the slide was actually meant for kids who want to slide their way out! How adorable is that? ♥ Unfortunately, there was a fence which covers the bottom part of the slide and I can’t seem to reach it with my camera anymore. Huhu, short girl problems.

And to end our day, we have decided to put our face masks on!
Ooh, and guess who went for a Doraemon face mask? Lol.

Hahaha, I apologize for our disturbing looks! We tried to keep our chill and stay as poker face as we possibly can.

Let me know your thoughts down below! 🙂