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Tokyo Skytree | AIRISH ABELLA

Tokyo Skytree


April 24, 2016

It was a rainy morning and we all woke up early since our call time was at 10. We first bought some milk and large bottles of water in Maruetsu, a nearby supermarket. After that, we started having breakfast and prepared for our first adventure! ♥

Just a disclaimer, we didn’t avail any tours since my uncle and aunt were our hosts, and they’ll be the one to show us around during their free days. Also, we just actually researched for the places to go to for our itinerary for our 15-day trip. Shout out to my sister, Arianne, since she was the one who mostly planned out everything for our trip.

Obviously, we had some fun shoot first while waiting for our ride. Also, I will be posting a separate blog for my Day 2 outfit after a few days. So stay tuned! 😉

Just one of their pretty flower shops you can find in the streets.

Our first stop was at Lalaport, one of the largest shopping malls in Japan, I believe. Obviously, we looked around different stores and I must say that Japan really has a lot of good stuff.

Here’s my lovely family ♥

Shoefie with my cousins

We got really hungry, so my uncle’s parents-in-law took us to Costco, a large supermarket quite similar to S&R, the one we have in the Philippines. They treated us for lunch which I thought was really sweet! Each of us had a hot dog sandwich, spicy pork baked bulgogi, clam chowder soup, and two large boxes of pizza. Everything we had was really satisfying.

Subsequently to our sumptuous lunch, we checked out this huge fancy Forever 21 store. It was by far, the most beautiful F21 store I’ve been so far.

When it was almost 6 in the evening, my uncle’s in-laws told us that we’re heading to Tokyo! And just like that we were off to the Tokyo Skytree! We cannot contain our happiness because it was our first time going to Tokyo. Ahhhh! Thank you, Lord.

On our way to Tokyo, we passed by this random gasoline station. It’s a self-service one just like the ones in other countries such as in the US. But in our country, we were used to having a gasoline boy/girl to fill our car’s tank.

We also saw this space-saving parking lot which I find really cool.

When we were finally in Tokyo, we looked for a parking lot first which is near the Tokyo Skytree. I’m not sure if it’s in a mall or we just entered a mall to get through the tower. Nah, I really don’t know, I was too busy taking pictures.

I messed this photo a little bit because we were in a hurry and I just had to take a photo of this super cute cafe. ♥

And of course, Japan is known to have the most number of unusual flavors of KitKat. And this one was sake.

And then we’re finally here! It was beautiful, especially at night. We took lots of photos and videos but I just included some of which we were in a group. We had a hard time capturing the whole tower. (boo!) But still, we pretty much enjoyed the view.

There’s just too much to see.

My family, ladies and gentlemen! ♥

I will be blogging my Day 2 outfit soon! ♥

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