Song of Style inspired look

One of my sisters along with my cousin informed me about the new contest that Laureen Uy, a popular Filipino fashion blogger was having. She has two spare tickets for Aimee Song’s event with SM, one of the largest malls here in the country. She is now the official brand muse of SM Makati. In line with the contest’s mechanics, all you have to do is to post your Aimee Song inspired OOTD on Instagram.

With that being said, I immediately looked for a Song of Style inspired outfit I can wear the following day. She loves wearing off-shoulder tops, bell bottom jeans, and culottes. I am quite short to wear culottes pants nor even bell bottom jeans, so I opted to wear a culottes shorts along with my off shoulder top. I even wore a peach choker which comes with a necklace which I believe she also wore in one of her previous Instagram posts.

Days before the winner was announced, Aimee liked my photo and I still can’t believe it. Maybe it was part of the contest, yes, but still, it really means a lot for me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the chosen winners. Sad, but that’s how contests really go. But in the future, I hope to meet her one day.

Aimee’s truly one of my fashion inspirations since she can pull off any style she wants. I’ve seen lots of fashion bloggers who’s literally always in a glamorous ensemble, but Aimee’s not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to wear a very fashionable outfit. It’s just that it’s really fascinating to see a fashion icon who can wear a simple tee and sneakers too. I mean she can wear the most glamorous outfit there is yet she can also wear the simplest one and still manages to look chic. Anyhow, I love her photos, especially on Instagram. Her feed looks amazing! I even watch her vlogs on Youtube, and sometimes on Snapchat.

Lately, I’ve been loving her off-shoulder tops and dresses. If only I could get to wear them too! I also admire how she can pull off baggy outfits without looking fat or weird. Because I tend to like that when I’m wearing one.

I bought this choker which comes with a necklace from a 300 Yen shop in Japan.

Yes, I can really look awkward when it comes to my outfit posts. Shoutout to all fashion bloggers out there who look effortlessly beautiful in their photos and doesn’t look awkward like me! <3 Lol.

Moreover, I guess one of her trademarks is her hair. She has this short colored hair which I love. She sometimes curls it and puts it on a tie, and achieve that effortlessly beautiful look. For this look, I tried putting my hair on a low tie. Again, I tried. But I guess my best wasn’t good enough. Lol. Or maybe because my hair was too long? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ll post about this makeup look soon on my blog. Well, there’s nothing quite special to it but I just want to share how I do my simple makeup every day.

 Choker & Necklace – Mikazuki Momoko
Off-shoulder top – thrift shop
Culottes shorts – Romwe
Wristwatch – Trendy Wanderlust
Bag – from Bangkok
Sandals – Payless Montego Bay

Thank you guys for reading!

So who’s your favorite fashion inspiration?
And would you like to know more about this makeup look?

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