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Night skincare routine | AIRISH ABELLA

Night skincare routine

Actually, my night skincare routine’s almost similar to my morning regimen only that I tend to use more products at night. As most of you may know, I live in a tropical country so there are really mornings when I tend to get uneasy applying lots of products on my face especially when it’s really hot. At night, we usually have the air conditioner on so it is reasonably more comfortable to do so. If you haven’t seen my morning regimen yet, be sure to check this out, morning skincare routine. Anyway, here’s what I usually do at night:

Remove my makeup.
When I wore makeup the whole day, I use a cleansing tissue from Daiso Japan to remove any makeup and dirt from my face and neck. I’m not sure if it’s available here in Manila but it’s indeed a great find. I was hesitant at first if it’s safe to use for my skin since it’s very cheap, but Japanese products never disappoint me. It contains collagen and olive oil which I believe are perfectly beautiful and healthy for the skin. Not only it does a good job in removing your makeup but it also smells good. I used to use an oil-based makeup remover, and sometimes, I tend to use my Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser too. But now that I have tried using a cleansing tissue, I can say that I’ll go for this since it really is gentle to the skin and at the same time, it makes removing makeup easier especially for a lazy girl like me. I know that some of you may relate to this, especially when you’re really tired after a long day. This is such a life saver.

Wash my face.
I love using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser because you can actually use a generous amount without having your skin dry out nor feel irritated. It’s extremely the best for all skin types, especially to the sensitive ones and those with skin problems.

Use a blackhead clearing scrub.
After washing my face, I always use the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub to treat my blackheads on my nose area. I only put a small amount on the affected area and gently exfoliate it. To be honest, I still have blackheads on my nose but, I just realized that when I don’t use it for a few days, my nose starts getting a bit rough. And I guess this product really keeps my nose feeling smooth and soft.

Tone my skin.
Before toning my skin, I make sure to dry my face first, of course, and then I start putting a right amount of Sea Breeze Antiseptic to a cotton pad. I use it on my face, neck, and even to my nape. This is a must especially when you were out all day and also, it helps remove dirt from your skin. This is alcohol-based which I believe can dry out your skin if you don’t moisturize properly. I love using this and at the same time, an oil-based toner is a good one too!

Treat my pimples or pimple marks.
In a cotton pad, I put a small amount of Revitalizing Solution and dab it gently on my pimple or my pimple marks, as well as on my nose area to help get rid of blackheads too. It helps to dry out the zit and diminishes the visible marks. Some people prefer to use it on their whole face, but in my preference, I like applying it only to the affected areas.

Moisturize my face.
As I have mentioned on my morning skincare routine, I have been using Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme for a few years now and so far it leaves my skin smooth and soft. But other than that, I alternately use it with my recent purchase of Medel Face Milk. It contains ceramide from Japanese rice which is perfectly beautiful for the skin. No wonder why most Japanese people tend to have a clear and nice skin. Also, it has chamomile and calendula which is why it smells amazing, I believe.

Apply night cream.
On my morning skincare routine, I have also mentioned the day cream from Nivea which is obviously the matching cream of my Nivea Extra White Night Cream. It really smells good and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all.

Apply another cream.
I love applying the Skin Revitalizing Cream last on my face. It can be used both day and night but I prefer only to use it before I go to bed. It helps in keeping my skin tone fairer and it also removes pimples, freckles, and wrinkles too. Same thing with my other skincare products, I apply it all over my face, neck, and nape too.

Skin Revitalizing Cream & Solution from Beauty Arsenals

Apply eye serum.
Lastly, I apply a pea size amount of eye serum and dab it under my eyes as well as in other parts of my face which are prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

That’s pretty much it for my night skincare routine, I hope you liked it! I will be writing a separate post regarding other treatment products I use for my face and body too. And yes, I am that obsessed with skincare products! <3

Let me know what skin care products are your favorites and comment it down below. 🙂