Mustard and Navy

I have always been fascinated with mustard sweaters but it’s not a good idea to buy one here in the Philippines. Anyway, when we were in Japan a few months ago, I found this thrift store selling some items for only 100 to 300 Yen which is around $1 to $3 only or in Philippine Peso it’s around 40 to 120 if I am not mistaken. Obviously, I got myself into that store and started to look for a good find. Fortunately, I found this cute mustard cardigan which is actually light and perfect for the weather in Manila. I bought this along with another cardigan which is originally from Zara. It’s lavender which I find really cute. I thought to myself, why not buy something colorful and unusual to what I usually wear?

A few weeks ago, I have been wanting to wear my new mustard cardigan already but I haven’t seemed to find anything that I could actually pair it with. I’ve been matching it with a few pieces, only until today that I realized that it looks totally beautiful with navy bottoms. For me, it looks really good to have these two color combined and a black tank top to tone down this outfit a little bit.

My striped navy bottoms were actually from Bangkok. It was very comfortable to wear and it fits me really well. Also, its fabric was thick enough which doesn’t make it look cheap when in fact it was. I believe I bought it for more or less THB150 which is around $3 or PHP150 only. Yes, it was totally a great deal! And then, I paired this look with my white Keds.

You can always find some good cheap find out there. Trust me. You just have to take a look at it really well. Sometimes when I go to a thrift shop or “tiangge”, or sometimes even in the mall too, I tend to overlook at some items until I see it from their mannequin display. Also, make sure to check if it still looks good and doesn’t have any stains or missing buttons, or something like that.

Black tank top – Forever 21

Mustard cardigan – thrift store in Japan

Navy blue striped bottoms – thrift store in Bangkok
White sneakers – Keds

Hmm, so what else should I pair my mustard cardigan with?
Any suggestions? Please comment down below. 🙂