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Floral Jacquard

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses

Day 2
April 24, 2016


It was a little bit chilly today so I decided to wear this deep royal Hanes sweatshirt. It has a microfleece texture on the inner part so it makes you feel warm, and at the same time, it feels really comfortable to wear. And since it was a travel trip, of course, all my outfits were pre-planned already. I packed them in a way where I would know if they come together or not. I planned out everything from my tops to bottoms to skirts to footwear, to which bag I’m going to use and even which accessories to wear.

I got this black and gray floral jacquard leggings from Xhilaration clothing in Target. I love wearing leggings because it’s lightweight and it’s really comfortable to wear. I can move freely and it doesn’t feel uneasy at all. When it comes to purchasing a pair of leggings, you have to make sure that its fabric is thick enough and not have any flecks in them. Also, it’s always really nice to try it on first and know which size fits you perfectly. It must not be too loose, and definitely not really fit like it’s almost going to be torn apart.

I incorporated some white and teal accessories which complimented really well with my outfit. I also used my hot pink bag from Victoria’s Secret to add a pop of color to this bit of a drab outfit.

I also settled my hair with a bun. Credits to my aunt Eva, and to my cousin Ysabelle for fixing my hair and able to put it in this beautifully braided bun. And yes, that’s how thick my hair is, though we still used a doughnut bun maker to help put my hair in place.

Deep blue sweatshirt: Hanes | Floral jacquard leggings: Xhilaration, Target | Sneakers: Converse | Hand bag: Victoria’s Secret

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