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Back in Japan

April 22, 2016

Three years ago, we had a chance to visit Japan on Christmas vacation. It was my first time to experience winter season back then, though it didn’t snow to where we stayed. And now, back to the present! This year, we got to visit Japan during spring and it was something I’ve been looking forward to. Most people say that it’s the best time to visit since the weather’s perfectly fine to travel and see the place.

Our flight was around 12 midnight of April 23rd, Friday. It means that we have to be at the airport at least 9pm of April 22nd. As soon as we got there, everything became more exciting since it was my grandparents’ first time to travel out of the country.

My brother and grandfather were actually missing in the photo.
And yes, we were a group of twelve! 🙂

When we only had a few minutes before landing, I started feeling the cold morning breeze as I touched the plane’s window pane. It was pretty hot in the Philippines that’s why I really can’t wait to experience a cold weather again.

When we arrived at Narita International Airport, everything felt so surreal. I can’t explain the feeling but, all I know was just that I am so happy to be back here again. From their high-tech toilets to their vending machines. Ahhhhh! Thank you, Lord!

Bullet train or Shinkansen. Hope to try this one day!

So after we got our luggage, we waited for my uncle (my mom’s brother who lives in Japan with his wife) to pick us up. It was nearly two hours before we got into their place. As soon as we arrived in Kawaguchi station, my uncle’s in-laws were already there to pick up our luggage and bring them home. Hihi, we actually filled up their van with our luggage. We’ll take the bus anyway!

It was almost noon so we opted to have lunch first since everyone’s already hungry.

This is my cousin, Ayumi. Check out her youtube channel, btw!

And… yay for ramen! ♥ I always have a hard time finishing up a large bowl of Ramen. Food serving in Japan was definitely worth what you paid for.

So after we had lunch, we all bought a Suica card! It can be used to pay for your fare for the buses, subways, JR east trains and even for their vending machines too. It was pretty convenient to use, all you have to do is reload them in the train stations or even in the convenience stores and you’re good to go!

Apparently, this is how their bus looks like.

You’ll really fall in love in this country. It was truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve been! The people were really nice and disciplined, and at the same time, everywhere you look at was literally clean and organized.

You know you’re in Asia when you see tons of clothes hung up on the balcony. Lol

The bicycle is one of the Japanese’ main transportation. Some of them ride it going to school and work. So I find it quite unusual to see men wearing their suit and tie, and on the other hand, women wearing skirts and dresses on their bicycle. I even saw a mother on her bicycle along with her three children following her with their little bicycles. They were too adorable! No wonder why they don’t experience heavy traffic.

Their vending machines are literally everywhere. You do not have to go to a convenience store just to grab a drink, ice cream, snacks, soup in cans, and even cigarettes too. Oh wait, no, I don’t smoke. Haha!

While waiting for them to finish shopping, I stayed outside to take photos instead.

These are my two cousins, one of my sisters, and my dad.

I didn’t have time to take outfit shots anymore since we were all tired and sleepy from our flight. We were up all night which obviously shows on my dark under eyes. But anyway for my bottoms, I was wearing light gray high waist shorts from Forever 21, and my Air Jordan XIII retro low “hornets.”

And then, here’s my aunt and grandmother who had just finished shopping.

More about our Japan trip soon.
So where did you guys travel to this spring/summer?
Let me know and comment down below.