Factors I consider when dressing up

They say that most women dress up according to their mood, and I can totally agree to that. There are days when I feel like being a girly girl, a hipster, a rad chic or even dress up like Audrey Hepburn. But just like any other girls, there are some factors which I consider first when I dress up for the day.

• Comfort

Nowadays, I don’t mind wearing basic pieces as long as I’m comfortable with it. I admit, there are days when I feel like wearing uncomfortable clothes or shoes which don’t seem to be tolerable or even worse, makes me feel uneasy too. But I always remind myself that nothing is sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her clothes. Because how can you carry yourself well in front of others if you’re feeling discomfort in your own outfit?

• Weather and Temperature
For those of you who are living in a tropical country like me, you would know how hard it is to wear anything you want. And as for a person like me who easily feels warm or sweaty, as much as I’d like to wear pullovers or jeans, there are times that I just couldn’t keep up with the hot weather which makes me feel so irritated.

• Catcalling when riding public transportations or when in the streets 
This I can say is one of the biggest factors why I tend to limit myself in dressing up. I always commute when I meet my friends or when I’ve got to run some errands on my own. And when I mean commute, I meant riding the tricycle, jeepney, UV express vehicles and the MRT. My point is I’m not comfortable showing some skin when I commute. It feels uneasy and unsafe wearing shorts, skirts or even sleeveless tops whenever I get to ride such public vehicles. I’m not being maarte or what, it’s just that I’m being more protective of myself and I wouldn’t want to risk my safety. I really hate it when I experience catcalling or even merely just creepy stares from perv men. Ugh

• Unwaxed underarms or legs
For some reason, I have never tried waxing my legs or any other parts of my body except for my underarms. For a naturally born ‘balbon’ (or a bit hairy) like me, it feels tiring and annoying to keep having your underarms waxed. I also hate the fact that I can’t have the freedom to wear anything I want just because my armpits aren’t hairless yet. Just this month, I’ve tried this underarm treatment called painless diode laser underarm hair removal by Skin Station. I just had my first session and I will tell you more about it on my next blog.

Nonetheless, just like me who are having a bit of this problem, I’d like to make sure that I remain as stylish as I can be and that I’d be more creative when it comes to mixing and matching my wardrobe pieces. We can always turn a simple outfit into something else by making use of the right accessories, bag, and shoes.

This denim romper from Forever 21 was really light, and it doesn’t stick to the skin which makes it more comfortable to wear. Since I’m not used to wearing spaghetti straps alone such as this romper, I opted to use my gray lightweight cardigan which is from Forever 21 too. As much as I love cardigans, I hate wearing those with thick cotton fabric even though I have some of them. Whoops! Hihi. When wearing basic and/or neutral colors, do not be afraid of wearing other bright or dark colored pieces. Having a pop of color won’t harm you. You just have to make sure that it suits your outfit 😉

Nike Airmax Torch 4

Black choker from Baclaran
Gold cat necklace from Mikazuki Momoko (¥300 shop in Japan)
Brown bracelet from OPS! Objects
Simple gem bracelet with a Marie pendant from Disney store
Embroidered watch from Bangkok

PS. Since my siblings and I took an Uber ride, I managed to wear a romper. Hihi