School fair

After watching my brother’s cheer dance competition, my friends and I had a little photoshoot. It’s been a while since we last visited our school where most of us spent 11 to 12 years of our lives, from kindergarten to senior high.

A lot has changed, but memories remain.

Every year, during our school fair, our school turns into a carnival! Lol.

My mom and brother even tagged along!

The following day, the school held an Alumni Homecoming for us. We weren’t supposed to go but a few friends called us saying they were already there and it would be more fun if we would come. So we gave it a try! Lol.

After a few hours, we had dinner in one of the small restaurants in our village and went straight to a friend’s house for our usual Saturday night sesh.

The last two photos were a bit grainy and blurry too. I apologize.