My 9th grader brother

Last Thursday, my brother attended his first high school night. He told us about it only a day or two prior to the event. Not that he forgot about it but I know that he just doesn’t want my mom to buy him a new set of clothes.

As a kid, we were used to buying toys only on our birthday and Christmas each year. Not unless our parents buy as one as a surprise. My siblings and I grew up not demanding nor even asking our parents to buy this and that.

Furthermore, I couldn’t be prouder of my not so little brother. He grew up as a resourceful and kind hearted young man. He wore white long sleeves and topped it off with a gray coat. I also asked him to use my bowtie which I used for my bartending class before. He also wore a pair of dark denim jeans instead of slacks which I guess put an edge on this look.

The next day, I went to his school (it is where I along with my two sisters graduated from high school too) and watched him and classmates perform for a cheer dance competition. He was one of the lead dancers and we were all so thrilled of him. You can easily see him from a crowd by the way he gracefully moves.

They won third place in the competition but it doesn’t make us any less proud of him 🙂