2016 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

After having our valentine sunset moment, we ordered some food while waiting for the fireworks competition to start. I ordered this ‘create your own burger’ thing, and I wasn’t quite satisfied with it. As we were having dinner, the grand exhibition of fireworks has finally begun.

We used the front cam of my camera to capture our photos since the servers were too busy during that night, and it was understandable.

At first, I was struggling with my camera and I cannot seem to find which mode to put my camera on in order to take photos of the fireworks until my best friend helped me out and discovered it herself. Whew, such a life saver! 🙂

As for the succeeding photos, we used my camera to capture them. 

The following were beautifully taken by my best friend, Kath.

Everything happened so fast and we badly want some photos together with the fireworks display as our background. We didn’t have a good shot, but if only you can see how beautiful the heart shaped fireworks were. It was breathtaking!!

After the competition, we went straight to a friend’s house and had a few drinks to end our day. Or to start our day rather? Lol.