Gorgeous Glance

Hola everyone!

Last November, I had a trip to Bangkok with my whole family. It was something we haven’t done for a year, and it was really worth it!

Moreover, for the past few years that we’ve been visiting the city, we’ve noticed how a lot of tourists and even locals, were bulk buying from the thrift stores. From clothing to shoes and bags, you name it! And on our recent visit, I’ve decided to try and buy a few items for me to start up my own online shop. I can’t think of a name for my shop until suddenly something popped up my mind. And so, I named it after my blog, Gorgeous Glance. Whew! Such a life saver.

Prior to putting up my online store, I never actually thought that it was really hard to gain followers, or should I say, customers. As an online buyer, myself, I also consider the number of followers that an online shop has. From there, I would somehow know if it is a legit seller account or not. These days, a lot of scam accounts on Instagram are active, and numerous buyers have been a victim of it. And vice-versa when it comes to sellers, too.

Nowadays, a lot of clothing stores are sending whatever their product is to bloggers, celebrities and/or any fashion influencers. I have even received messages from some people asking for collaborations. So here’s the deal, you will send them your product/s for free and they’re going to post it on social media as an advertisement for your shop. This is just one of the agonies I’m facing right now along with the other online sellers too, I believe. Sadly but, others tend to inquire for collaborations rather than to buy from your shop.

Anyway, I just did a photoshoot for a few items yesterday, and here’s one of the outfits I’ve worn:

Top & Bottom: Gorgeous Glance
Shoes: Primadonna
Headband: Forever 21

Thank you for reading! ♥