Time flies over us

It is so good to be back!!
I missed blogging, I really do. Well, the year 2014 had been a very busy yet a fruitful one for me. I focused myself on my studies, most especially for the reason that I will be graduating soon. I finished all my academics in the month of April last year. I am currently doing my practicum also known as internship here in abroad. I left the Philippines last May, and obviously, I’m just a month and a few weeks left away of being finally home again.

Moreover, I know I wasn’t able to finish sharing with you guys how my trip to Japan with my family last year went on. But I swear I will catch up as much as I can! Also, I can’t wait to finally reveal my exciting yet challenging journey a thousand miles away from home.
To know more about my internship abroad, wait for my succeeding posts.