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The family that travels together, stays together

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will catch up as much as I can in terms of sharing how my Japan trip was. So, here it goes…

It has been a year and probably four months already since I had the opportunity to go and visit Japan with my family. Everything felt so surreal. It was my dream, their dream (referring to my sisters), our dream… Ever since I was a kid, I have always dreamt of going to that wondrous place. And gratefully, God finally granted my wish two years ago. Two years ago? Yes! We flew to Japan last December 2013. We were there for the first few days of January 2014. Gosh, it feels so nostalgic, though. The feeling was so overwhelming, exciting, and dreamlike… Yes, all at the same time! For my fifteen days stay there, I remembered asking myself almost every single day if everything was real or if it was just a dream.

Moreover, on our ninth day in Japan, we took the train from Iwata to Hamamatsu to meet my mom’s friend. It was somewhat a long ride, but the train’s comfortable and warm enough to keep us at ease along the way. We weren’t able to try the shinkansen or mostly known as the bullet train, but hopefully next time we will! Their regular train is way, way better than ours. I’m referring to the MRT and the LRT back in the Philippines, and I’m pretty sure everyone would agree. I hate to compare, but that’s the truth.


While waiting for my mom’s friend, we all have decided to take some photos outside the train station first. So here’s a photo of my parents together with my not so little brother.

And here’s a photo of my aunt together with my adorable cousins. They’re half Japanese by the way.

After a few shots, my mom’s friend finally arrived. It’s been a while since they last saw each other so they really made sure they catch up with each other. Also, she gave my mom a gift as well as she treated us to lunch.

If I am not mistaken, we had lunch in this restaurant called Gomihattin. I cannot remember if I was really that hungry during that time… but I think what I ordered was something you wouldn’t expect from my size. Want to know what is? Well, it was a combination of a plate of gyoza (dumpling) with a bowl of rice, and a large bowl of ramen. It sure was heaven for me! Carbs overload!!! Well, who cares? 😉

We also had some ice cream after. I ordered jamoca almond fudge, and it was really good! Oh, and guess where we have decided to eat them? Outside the freaking mall! Haha, it was hella freezing and fun at the same time.

And… Here are some random photos from that day! (L-R) My mom, her friend, and my aunt

I’ll see you again soon, Japan! I miss everything about this place. I will definitely come back!

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog.
Have a great day everyone ❤️