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Start your year right

Obviously, it’s a late post… Time flies really fast! One day we welcomed 2014 and then, one day we bid it goodbye. The year both started and ended in just a glimpse. It was actually my first time to spend the holidays abroad. I have always dreamed of it. Yet, when I finally had the chance… It turns out it wasn’t what I was admittedly expecting.

Back when I was a child, I have always watched foreign Holiday movies and everything seemed so perfect. The streets filled with pure white snow, children singing Christmas carols, an old man dressed up as Santa Claus, pine trees turned into Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and even candy canes. All these looks fun to me. But then, only one thing I have realized from this experience was that… Truly, “there is no place like home.” Christmas and New Year, or even other special occasions, won’t be the same without the people who made your everyday wonderful and complete.

Round fruits as part of the New Year’s tradition back home, and Nabe, if I am not mistaken its also known as a hot pot dish in Japan.

                                              Yakiniku will always be my favorite! Yum!!

          And of course, to keep us warm every night… Not your ordinary electric fan, though.


  Meet my family.

After having a full dinner, we spent the night karaoke-ing, dancing, and drinking (well kids are not allowed, obviously). It was really one hilarious night!

                                                     Whiskey and Squid for the night.


                                                    Japanese goodies! Oh, good heavens.


                   Yep, that’s one luggage full of Almond and Macadamia chocolates. Literally.


                            Thank you for taking time reading my blog. Have a wonderful day!