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As white as snow

Of course, a day wouldn’t last without the so called ootd shots.
Hihi, that’s a must for most fashion-enthusiast girls like me.

  White coat from Japan (it was actually my aunt’s)
Mittens from Japan
Suede boots from Landmark

Honestly, I was really, really, really afraid to wear something like this. I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Because for me, long coats, maxi skirts and long dresses suit tall women only. I feel uncomfortable wearing these stuff for the reason that it makes me look smaller. I know I am, but I think it brings more attention to my size. But according to other people, long bottoms or dresses can really make you appear taller too. Well, I don’t really know, you’ll be the judge. Mehe!


I don’t know if it’s just me, or my face seems to look like sunburned or something. I was actually having problems with my skin during this time, most especially my face. It was due to the cold weather that I was obviously not experiencing back in the Philippines. Even my lips got dry too. Since then, I learned the proper moisturizing. I used Nivea moisturizing cream in order to keep my face smooth, as well as to avoid skin peeling.

More so, I have decided to wear a cute and girly mittens to accentuate to my kinda formal-ish outfit. I feel like wearing a plain white coat gives sophistication to my look, yet I still want to look my age at the same time. And since I am in Japan (during this time), I fell in love even more with pink and cutie stuff everywhere. I felt so girly, and I loved it!!

                                            Thanks for reading! Have a great day y’all!!