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Japan day 8

December 28, 2013

A photo diary of our family’s another well spent day in Hamamatsu.
The chilly weather + Beautiful city + Lots of shopping centers to choose from. It’s just perfect! Though, being in Tokyo or Shibuya’s still different. But oh well.

From the right is my mom’s younger sister, Aunt Eva and the ones sitting beside her is my parents’ long-time friend, Aunt Ruth.

My not so little brother, Dale, and my mom!

With my eldest sister, Arianne, and my half-Japanese cousin, Ysabelle of Sparkle & Glitters blog.

And the guy beside Aunt Ruth is my dad, while the little Japanese girl is Aunt Ruth’s daughter, Ayaka. Oh, by the way, she’s wearing a helmet because her mom just bought her a new bicycle.

I guess everyone had been so fascinated by these cute Siberian Huskies ♥

I just love how fierce their eyes were!

My younger cousin, Ayumi was indeed a photo bomber! Haha.

 One of our favorite spots to go to! Hihi.

Anyhow, these are some of the stuff I bought for myself. Hihi my latest haul!

You guys have no idea how much I love My Melody more than any other cartoon character. Yep, I do love her more than Hello Kitty! I know it’s pretty unusual to have her as a favorite cartoon character, most especially in Sanrio. Nonetheless, I bought this super cute My Melody lip balm holder even though I don’t think I would be able to use it often. Honestly, at first, I thought that it can be used for lipsticks until I tried it on and it doesn’t fit any of my lipsticks, only lip balms.

If you guys are thinking that it’s just a waste of money, well it’s not. Throughout my fifteen day-stay in Japan, I have realized how essential lip balm is for everyday use. In countries which have winter season, I recommend you to have something like this which makes it easier for you to look for your lip balm. It makes everything more convenient since you can clip it on to the zipper of your bag or along with your key holder. Oh and along with that, in Japan, there are lots of colors, designs and cartoon characters to choose from, and this one’s my personal pick! ♥

And together with the My Melody lip balm holder, I bought in Shimamura is this super cute polka dot turtle neck pullover which comes with this teal sweatshirt! The texture is really soft and very comfortable to wear.

Lastly, these sheer tops from H&M which comes with affordable prices!

Thank you for your time, have a great weekend everyone!