Chicago Bulls

December 26, 2014

It was obviously a backlog due to my last academic term as I mentioned on my previous blog post.

On this very day, I felt like wearing something simple and comfortable enough to wear and at the same time, to keep me warm. I have decided to wear on a heat tech long sleeves as an inner and top it off with my dad’s Chicago Bulls jacket which he bought years ago. Also, I paired it off with my black leather pants and red bonnet or beanie to add more of that Chicago Bulls feel. I also borrowed my sisters leather studded back pack to give me that punk or edgy look.

This is one of my favorite shots! Is it just me or my dad’s jacket is just really awesome?
I’m too fascinated by it.

Outfit Details:

Chicago Bulls jacket from Duty Free
Black leather pants  from Forever 21
Red bonnet/beanie from Surplus
Black suede boots from S&H

Please excuse my tired and dark under eyes.

Wacky photo!

Obligatory OOTD jump shot!

Have a great day, loves!