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Japan day 2 + outfit

December 22, 2013

Late post.
Just some of my decent outfit photos.

Outfit details:
Beret from 100 yen shop in Japan
Scarf and Pants from Forever 21
Boots from S&H

Another outfit photo with my brother.

Road trip!

The van has only eight to nine seating capacity that’s why Ayumi and Ayaka’s sitting on the floor already. Hahaha! There were cameras within the highway and policemen were on rounds that’s why we have decided to hide them. Haha!

Traditional Japanese house.

Cleanest river or creek I have ever seen.

They have a vegetable plantation everywhere.

Posters for election.

Waiting shed.

Japanese people are used to biking despite the cold weather.

Our lunch for today. Yum, yum.
My favorite’s salmon with cheese!

 Ayumi enjoys the self-service grocery shops.

Japan goodies. Yum!


Afternoon stroll going to the 100 yen shops and recycle shops (thrift and second-hand shops)

Orange trees.

Shinkansen or bullet train.

 Mustang. Vroom vroom! ♥
They just park luxury cars in front of their houses or apartments even without gates. How I wish we can do the same here in the Philippines…

My Melody obsession!!!

I’m in heaven!!

Glad you’ve reached this far.
Thank you ♥