A time with God

September 19 to 20, 2013

You know that your college life is almost over when you are already scheduled for your retreat. In our school, every one is required to attend a recollection during your first and second years in college, and lastly, a retreat on your third or last year. In my case, it’s been three years since I last had my retreat and that was back in fourth year high school.

This year’s retreat had been really exciting for me since this was the only time for me and my friends to had the chance to be together as a whole again. Nonetheless, this time had been our time with God. I wasn’t expecting it to be this fun, but it sure was. I had the most memorable retreat, a fruitful and a happy one! I have realized a lot of things and I get to talk with God. Also, I get to thank him and be sorry for everything I have done. And to my classmates and friends, I’m glad that we were able to share what we had in mind, and all our problems and stuff with each other. We also had the chance to ask for forgiveness to those we did wrong, and thank each one for everything.

The next day, we had mass and had some activities. And finally, we get to visit the kids that the nuns were looking after for. The feeling was very overwhelming and touching! That very moment, you just can’t help but thank God for everything. I just feel so grateful that I have my own family to be with through thick or thin. We are all fortunate that we aren’t in the same condition as them. However, I commend the nuns and company for having a big heart and being able to take care of these children.

Moreover, I just want to share with you guys some of my favorite photos during our retreat!

 WOOPS! Hahahaha.

 Piggy back-ride with mama! Hihi.

 Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day! šŸ™‚