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My lucky day | AIRISH ABELLA

My lucky day

It was the 9th of September this year, if I am not mistaken, that we, I.D. 111 of B.S. International Hospitality Management students has finally came back to school after our one month Immersion period. Of course, just like any other students, I cannot help but be excited for our comeback. Since I was in Grade School, I was never a bookworm nor a studious kind of student, and yes, I might hate the fact of being at school sometimes, but I can tell that school will always be a place second to my home!

As I have mentioned earlier, it was our first day of school and it was a Monday, luckily. My class on Mondays and Wednesdays start at 5:30 in the afternoon that is why I do not mind waking up late on those days. Well anyway, as soon as I woke up, I received a text message from a friend asking if I would apply or not. I asked her what was this about and she told me to check out our Batch’s Facebook group. And from there, I read a post from our Program Chair saying, “Today, there is a JOB FAIR for ITN St. Regis Aspen Colorado. They told me that there are no takers from HRIM. They are opening it up to IHM students. Departure is May. Please proceed to Room 704. Bring your resume and come in your executive attire. Anytime from 9am to 5pm. So if you will be taken, you will take your last academic term by the third term.” I was a bit startled and of course, I do not know what to feel. I was not expecting for a Job Fair at school as early as the first day. It was a very short notice. And who would have the guts to apply and go for on an interview just the day you have found out about it? I do! I meant, WE do.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to go, knowing that I wasn’t ready and prepared for this. It was actually the first time that I felt so stressed upon going to school on the first day of classes. My whole college life, I have gone to three interviews already, and one mock interview. And since this was my fifth one, I told myself that I can surpass it.

Before going to school, I tweeted this.

And two of my Twitter friends/followers replied saying, “apply na!! Sayang opportunity!!” and the other saying, “Yes!” With these simple words, I was motivated. To these two people, thank you so much!

Hihihi and I even took a photo of myself before leaving the house. Egg look!

The interview was only until 5pm and I remembered arriving at school at quarter to 5 already, I think? As soon as I got there, me and my friend, Kate, who also happened to be somewhat late, signed in for the list of interviewees already. After doing so, we kept on asking our other friends in which department and position to apply to. Since most of us enjoyed our Housekeeping Immersion as compared to our Food and Beverage Immersion, we have decided to apply for Room Attendant. We know for the fact that it wasn’t an easy thing to do and yet, we have still decided to go for it. And so, I have this friend who applied for Room Attendant as well, and she just finished her interview. I asked her how was it and how was she able to answer all the questions thrown at her. She answered, “parang nakikipagkwentuhan lang, bro!” I was in awe when she told me that. And from there, I was again motivated that I can do that as well.

After a few minutes of waiting, it was finally my turn. Before and upon entering the room, I just prayed to God asking for wisdom and His guidance. I am actually nervous and I do not have any prepared answers in mind. But as soon as the interview has started, I do not know where I got all these answers from. I mean, everything seem to just came out of my mouth. I never have thought that I would be able to answer and come up with those answers. But the only advantage that I have seen with my answers was that it came from experience. Most of it are all based on my experience upon working in the hotel during my past two immersions. Also, I thank God and the Holy Spirit for guiding me all throughout the interview, without Him, I wouldn’t make it.

The feeling after the interview was actually a relief. And after that, we went straight to our 5:30pm class. It was a cooking class and we were supposed to wear our chef’s uniform. But since it ran out of stock, we were allowed to wear our executive attire first.
After almost a week and a half of waiting, the results finally came out. And it was an answered prayer! So, I guess this is where God wants me to be. And I can’t help but thank God for this wonderful blessing. To Iya and Audrey, again, congratulations to us!

I can’t wait for my new journey in Aspen Colorado to start!