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Start of my junior year

Fresh start of my third year in college! ♥

As soon as we got back to Taft from our summer break, a new dessert and milk tea store opened in front of our school’s building which is known as Igloo. We got curious and so we tried this plant looking chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreos on top. Sweet and chocolate lovers out there might wanna try this!

So since it’s modular term for us, IHM students, our class usually lasts two to three hours long for each subjects. We usually get a break only for thirty minutes that’s why we frequently eat in some small food chains beside our building. If were lucky enough, we get an hour break. Also, if given a chance and not that busy, we have our dinner together before going home. In this picture, after how many weeks ever since school has started, I guess? We had a chance to eat in McDonald’s together again! It was indeed memorable.

Photo Bomb with my girls. Can you still guess where’s the real me? Lol. This application was hyped during that time!

Vain days with my HIM1B classmates. I miss modular term! Simply because we were only few in a room, like more or less 15 persons. This way, in my opinion, we were able to interact well with each other, and at the same time, it’s easier for our professors to recognize all of us.

So, this is what we wear in our Foodsys class. We changed our cravats to our bow ties! Hihi.
Cos we’re partners in crime” I just somewhat copied this caption from her. Anyway, thanks for these photos as well. I got most of these photos from her! Hi Kate Bongon ♥

Munich style food for lunch! It was actually an alternative class; to attend a function held in our school and was organized by the other students. All delicious! Thank you Ellaine Tanguin for the photos!

Two of my groupmates had their immersion at Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences in Makati, that’s why we decided to interview the Sales Manager of that hotel as needed in our Marketing Management class. After the interview, we went to visit their Art Gallery. It was awesome!

We learned how to make simple flower arrangements, table napkins, and table & chair skirting! Even though it wasn’t really part of our class curriculum, our professor was kind enough to taught us these things. So just in case the hotel assigned to each and every one of us needed some help, we somehow have a knowledge regarding this already.

In our Marketing Management class with some of my favorite girls. Hi Ms. Castro! Hihi

To top off the busy and hard work at school and during immersion, I am very grateful and at the same time, contented with my grades! Dean’s Lister for third year First Term ♥

Some of the photos and some are not. Thanks to my classmates for the photos, you guys know who you are.

Have a wonderful day ahead y’all 🙂