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Bar Management class | AIRISH ABELLA
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Bar Management class

Learn and taste about different spirits and/or alcoholic drinks. To make mixed drinks and shooters. To be able to perform Flairtending or Extreme Bartending basic moves and tricks, if possible.

Our first meeting was all about Brandy or can be known as “burnt wine”. I just wanted to share some of the thing I learned and some that I found in my notes. Hihihi

One of the most familiar brandies is Cognac which is named after a region in France.
Armagnac has a strong flavor which distinguishes it from Cognac. 
American Brandy is known for its sweet flavor and can also be used to any cocktail that calls for Brandy.
Eau-de-vie is a French term for a fruit brandy which translates to as “water of life”.

Brandy Labels
AC – Aged 2 years in a wood
VS – Very Special, 3 years in a wood
VSOP – Very Superior Old Pale, maximum of 5 years in a wood
XO – Extra Old, 6 years
Vintage – Limited edition
Hors d’age – Too old to determine

Trivia: Louis XIII is the most expensive brandy.

Credits to Elisha Serrano for this photo.

Emperador, Fundador and Carlos I.

Hennessy XO and VSOP.

Remy Martin XO and VSOP.

Brandy Alexander and Stinger ♥

Next one is Whiskey! 

It is called as Whisky by the Scottish people and Canadians, while the Americans and Irish call it as Whiskey. Canadian is the sweetest among the four. White Castle is a Whiskey brand made in the Philippines.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

 Jameson, Canadian Club, Jim Beam and Johnnie Walker Black Label.
Credits to Quenny Raymundo for this photo.

My newly found favorite drink, Whiskey Old Fashioned cocktail ♥
Credits to Ellaine Tanguin for this photo!

The next is Rum

Rum is called as ‘Rhum’ in some Caribbean countries. It is made out of sugarcane. You can determine the age by its color such as Dark rum, Over-proofed rum, Spiced rum, Flavored rum,  Light or white rum, Gold rum, Premium, Anejo and Aged rum. The Philippines is one of the rum producing countries in the world.

All rum!

Paradise – a mango flavored rum liqueur
Malibu and Captain Morgan

Bacardi – 151, Gold and Superior
Tanduay Rhum

And then, Gin

Distilled fermented mash of neutral grains, flavored with juniper berries. Gin is also known as flavored vodka because both of them are made of cereals. It was used to treat medical problems such as for kidney and gallstones, and stomach ailments. But for some reason, among all the other Spirits, gin is my most hated one.

Gordon’s, Tanqueray, Bombay and Gilbey’s

Tequila and Vodka

Tequila generally comes from a blue variety of species of agave plant. It originally came from Mexico, I’m just not so sure whether it is the only country which produces Tequila. There are different colors of Tequila: Blanco or Plate (white), Joven Abocado (gold), Reposado (reposed/rested), Anejo (aged), Tequila Mezcal (with worms) — the worms are known as Gusano. It is a marketing gimmick which introduced the shot system.

Vodka are all colorless. It is the dominant Spirit in Eastern Europe. The first vodka that has ever been produced was made from potatoes. Later on, grains were used because it is cheaper. ‘Voda’ is a Russian term which means water — colorless, odorless and tasteless. Vodka is a versatile Spirit and is the only un-aged Spirit.

Credits to Quenny Raymundo for the photo!

Glow sticks made my night ♥


Shooters are invented by Canadian Barman to keep out cold. It helps to warm the body. It consists of small high-powered drink because of its sugar content. Spirits or alcoholic drinks with a high alcoholic content are lighter than those with a lower alcoholic content.

Learned how to make a Blow Job shooter and layered drinks or simply known as Shooters.

The imported ones.

 Local. From the Philippines.

Blow Job Shooter ingredients.

 Blow Job shooters! ♥ 
We made one individually but I do not have a solo photo of mine. Credits to Ellaine Tanguin for the photos.

Kate’s and mine.

Shooters! Our babies up there!
My baby ♥

Kate and I in real life hahahaha lol

Beer and Jello Shots

Beer is fermented and brewed from cereal grains and water. ‘Bre’ is the Hebrew term for grain and ‘Bere’ from the Saxon word which means Barley. The Germans call it as ‘Biere’ while in English it’s ‘Beer’.

It can be described by its color, bitterness, and gravity — beer’s density. It is usually served chilled without ice.

BEER BUCKEEEET. It was indeed a large bucket!

Made some Jello Shots!

and lastly, played Beerpong with these cute girly cups! ♥

For our finals, we did Flairtending!

I hope you learned something from my blog and well at least enjoyed reading it.

Thanks everyone!
Have a lovely day! ♥