Blueprint Suit Yourself

March 26, 2013


The event Blueprint Suit Yourself is designed for Hospitality students. It is a competition which intends to keep up with the industry’s trend. For this year, the theme focused on “The Self-Service Platform for Food & Beverage Retailing.” The participants must be able to make their own unique concept of a self-service food store operation. We also have to set up and design our booth and be able to show the highlights of our food service facility.

Just to give you an idea of what our product is, it is a make-your-own kind of thing. As for our booth, it was made out of pastel colors and a bit of earthy tones. We wanted something that would make it look so sweet and cute. We also added some homey fixtures and picture frames of our sample products to add a cozy feel.

After the opening ceremony, entrance of the faculty members and introduction of judges… Two representatives from each group should model for the costume competition. Right after the modeling, the judges started checking our booths and asking questions. They raised these questions like as if we own and run this business already. It’s quite a good thing since at the early age, we get to experience something like this which we would definitely encounter in the future or in the real world. After the checking of booth and design, one thing I loved most about this event is we get to visit the other booths as well. We get to have a free taste of their products and have fun with the other groups too.

Booths we visited.

Random photos.

Booth Visitors.

Photo Booth

Won the 1st Place for Best Booth! ♥

I apologize for some blurry and low quality photos. I don’t have much time to take high quality photos. Not to mention, the dim lighting of the venue. Also, I just grabbed most of them from my friends.

Anyway, thanks to the following for the photos!
Floren Cabales
Aryana Flor
Elisha Serrano
Charles Ong

Also, big thanks to our dear professor,
Ms. Chuchi Alcoseba.

Lastly, to these lovely people who made our booth and project possible.
Ms. Cristina Viray
Ms. Ellen Cruz
Ms. Leah Esguerra
Thank you so much titas! Mwah! ♥

I hope you all had a great time! Thank you for reading my blog!