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Yacht experience

January 18, 2013

The term has just started and our schedule for the whole week has long breaks everyday. On Fridays, we have a five-hour break which is of course, a big problem to us since we wouldn’t have a place to stay for that long. So, we came up with an idea of asking our friend if we could spend our long break in one of their yachts even for just one Friday, and she agreed! We were all so happy and excited because it would definitely be a one of a kind experience for all of us. And it really was!!

Thank you, Splendor CJ for the wonderful yacht experience 🙂

We spent the whole time dancing, singing, taking photos and roaming around!!
We didn’t care how hot it was. We enjoyed the sun!
They tried maneuvering the yacht..
With our handsome captains! Wilson, Floren and Franz. Haha!
Candid shot with my girls ♥
It’s always a good time ♪♫