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Weekend spree

March 2 to 3, 2013.


It was our friend, “Blay” (It’s actually his surname which apparently turned out to be his nickname), who invited us to come over to their rest house in Laguna to celebrate his 20th birthday. We were all thrilled since we all want to get away from the stress in school. March is absolutely one of the busiest and stressful months of the term. Since the month has just started (during this time), we wanted to live a little for a while!

A photo with my two handsome boy friends, Floren and Franz!!

I was a bit gloomy when I showed up in our meeting place because unfortunately, I got my period during that day. I was not really feeling well and quite uncomfortable until we all fell asleep in the car. As soon as we woke up from the long drive, in good time, I felt much better! 🙂

Finally… we reached our destination!!

Some of my favorite photos with my girls.
Top most: Pauline
Middle L-R: Quenny, Kia, Rizha and I
Bottom: Ish

I don’t feel like showing up my arms because I find them big. *sobs*
That is why I wore a black tank top and covered my arms with a khaki half-sleeved polo.
I incorporated some wooden accessories for a summer vibe.

We spent the day singing karaoke songs, swimming (except for me), eating and drinking!

That time when I got super addicted to the game “2Fuse” hihi.
And even on the next day…

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. “
-Earl Wilson

Thank you Kia Perez, Franz Tamayo and Pauline Casingal for the photos!