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Valentines with the people I love

It was February 16, just this year, when my friends and I decided to go on a post Valentine’s date. It was really exciting since you get to celebrate Valentine’s with people you love. Not  with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but with friends.

We first went to RSM Lutong Bahay, Tagaytay City to have lunch. They specializes lutong bahay or also known as home cooked Filipino dishes. They also have a beautiful garden with a  magnificent view which people enjoy while dining in. Tagaytay is also known to have a large number of the best bulalohan nearest to Metro Manila. One thing I love most about Tagaytay City is the cool and fresh air which comes with a homey and relaxing feeling. 

Our view from the restaurant..
Taal Lake

We were supposed to dine at this part of the restaurant, but unfortunately, all tables were occupied.

Garden area.

Here’s a FUN FACT about Tagaytay:
You would know that you are already in Tagaytay City when most of the car windows are down. Hihi

After a cozy feel from Tagaytay…
 We went to Nuvali and stayed at Starbucks while waiting ’til it was 4pm.

After a few hours of waiting…
Were off to the Nuvali Night-Sky Cinema: Outdoor Film Screening venue!
E-Jeep ride worth 10 pesos hihi

Outfit photo.

“Shine bright” Hahaha!

I love this candid shot! ♥

A lot of people were there. There were families, couples and friends who took time to spend this day with their loved ones. We were ‘not so ready’ for this, since none of us brought a mat, pillows nor blankets. We didn’t even bothered to bring food for picnic. Hahaha! Despite that, we still had one of the best time of our lives! It was definitely a fun experience, watching a movie under the sun or moon while sitting on the grass with friends. I’m pretty sure it had been a very romantic one for all the couples who were there.

We watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” ♥
Oh I adore the very classy, Audrey Hepburn.

Thank you Nico Bollido for the photos!