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Oakwood Christmas party

December 2012.

In Oakwood Manila, the hotel have this annual per department dance competition. Each department has to prepare a presentation that will be performed during the Christmas party. Housekeeping department has been the champion for two consecutive years, and guess what? We won again last year, 2012. 

I know that we would not make it without our continuous prayers, never-ending support from our bosses and supervisors, Anjo’s patience and motivations as our dance choreographer… and of course, all our efforts, time, commitment and cooperation during the practices. To think that each and every one of us work six days a week from 8am to 4pm, we still managed to have our practices after work at least once or twice a week. All the time, efforts and tiring nights are worth it!
I’m very thankful to God and to all of them that I have been part of this event. I know that I was bit doubtful during the first few practices because I am not really good at dancing, especially in front of many people. Our choreographer would always get mad at us (Spice Girls, the group where I belonged in our presentation) because we were too ‘malamya‘ according to him. Hihi, but during the day of the event, everybody praised us for we did a great job.
The ever beautiful…
Ate Jessica as Madonna.
The lovely T3 hihi
Kuya Sonny, James and Alexa as Dream Girls.
Since it was my last day in Oakwood, I together with my friend Angela, took lots of photos during that night. Thanks to her camera! Hihi 🙂

She would always take pictures of everything.
Cha with her gorgeous lashes.

Housekeeping’s “daddy”, Sir Rommy.

He would always say that we are look a like and I agree! Hihi.
James as Beyonce.

He seems to be a “younger brother” to me, though he’s older. HAHA!

I missed teasing her “walang mata” HAHA

He would always say “Maganda ka sana malamya lang” and he would
always laugh during our practices everytime I shout “Colors of the world” Hahahaha 🙁
Anjo, our choreographer.

I used to tease her with Sir Enteng and Sir Joel. Haha!

Just a sneak peek of our performance!
Congratulations Housekeeping Department 2012!!!
3 time champion. Hihi
My make up artist in Oakwood, hihi.
She would always say “para ka nang little sister ko
Kath as Sporty Spice.
This photo was supposed to be between me and Ma’am Earl,
our Executive Housekeeper.
Photobombers!! Hahahaha.

He would always call me a ‘bully’.
My dance partner, James as Michael Jackson.

Oakwood Manila’s General Manager,
Mr. Rick Erdos.

He would always teased me about my love life. Haha!
Sir Joel.

Tall, dark and handsome’ daw eh? Hahaha!
My ‘kababayan’ in Bulacan hihi.
Bff. Companion. Both food lover.
I would always ask her to accompany me wherever I go, even in the washroom.

Angela and I would always laugh whenever we see him.
He’s indeed a very funny and generous person.
(Too bad I don’t have a solo picture with him)
Housekeeping’s Bossing Vic, Sir Enteng.

Funny, sweet and more like a big sister to me.
Ate Rose.

He would always call me “bata”
and he would always reserve the smallest size uniform for me!
Sir Angel of the Linen Area.

Kuya Robert and Kenneth.

Ma’am Heidi, one of our supervisors.

Housekeeping’s ‘rubadabango‘ dancer.
Will never forget his never-ending banats and jokes!
Haha ‘hunk’ daw siya eh?
Kuya Raymond.

I never have thought that this lady beside me is already 26.
She looks too young for her age, right? Hihi

Random photos during the party.
After the party.


Interview’ and ‘takutan‘ sessions, I miss!
Shy but nice, Kuya Robert.

 *Ngiting tagumpay*
I will always treasure each one of them in my heart.
I’m so happy and grateful that I was assigned in this department.
Hope to see you all again soon 🙂