Modular term.

September to October 2012

A single term in our school, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, consists of four months. But in my course, International Hospitality Management, we have this so called “modular term” which is exclusive only to our course. We call it as modular term since we have to finish all our academic subjects for this term for a span of two months. For the month of September, we had a lecture and lab subjects for Front Office and Housekeeping. On the other hand, for the month of October, we took some of our core and major subjects. 

I find this term really challenging since most of our class starts at 7 in the morning. There are days that we are only until noon, but there are days that we end the class until 6 in the evening. This would I believe a part of our training ground in preparation for our immersion in the hotel. And for the fact that we only have two months to study because the next two months is the time that we will have our immersion in the hotel.

Let’s start with Housekeeping…
Bed making!

Bed making is not as easy as it looks like in the photo. It takes a lot of practice before you finally do it fast and neat. I admire some of my classmates who could really do it in neatly in only less than five minutes.

Floor polishing!

I never have thought that this would be really hard! Haha.

Next one is Front Office!
Of course I cannot present photos doing the kind of actual thing because it’s more on talking and having conversations with the guests.

Good times behind this stressful term ๐Ÿ™‚

With our handsome professors!

 Sir Valenciano.

 Sir Lacson.

 Sir Acuna.

Sir Laygo.

This term’s pretty fast but sure unforgettable! ๐Ÿ™‚