Bohol trip day 3

August 15, 2012

Sadly, all the activities on our last day were cancelled because of the bad weather. We were all disappointed and so we have decided to just enjoy the pool and the beach! Spent the rest of the morning swimming and playing around! 🙂

Credits to my friends for the photos.

Look how beautiful Bohol Beach Club is! ♥


This is what we call the.. “secret forest”
We got lost in the woods on our first day! Hee.

Who would have wanted to go home in this heavenly place? 🙂

Mermaid wannabes! Hahahaha.

Lunch time! Huhu, I don’t want to leave just yet.

Anyway, it seems like were on a wedding ceremony. Hahaha!
Because we were required to wear white!

Vanity with friends while waiting in the airport!

At Tagbilaran Airport.

Playing truth or dare!

Back to reality! Awww, being back in the city made me sad. I look forward to having more leisure time soon! Having vacation makes you forget about all the bad things back at home! But that’s how life goes..

This Bohol trip was sure unforgettable!

Until we meet again, Bohol. ♥