Bohol trip day 2

August 14, 2012

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy
Grab my glasses, I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit this city.

Since everyone woke up really early today. (Except for us, Levines!!) My friend, Charles, was able to witness the sunrise at this very moment. I was fascinated when I saw these photos.

It was really nice waking up with good people around. That happy and calm feeling when you are on a vacation and you don’t even have to think of anything else! Oh, positive vibes everywhere! ♥

View from outside our room.

After having breakfast, we immediately get off and hit the road for our countryside tour! Of course, we were excited! Hihi.

First stop: Blood Compact Shrine

Second stop: Ancestral Homes

I think it was really nice that they preserved old houses. I mean, for our generation today, it is good that we get to see how houses in the Philippines were like back then.

Third stop: Baclayon Church and Museum

As a matter of fact, I was overwhelmed when we got inside the Baclayon church. As a Born Again Christian, it was really nice to get into one of the most famous Catholic churches in the Philippines. Too bad, we did not get to have a photo of the exterior of this church. I also love how they were able to maintain the interior of it.

It was incredibly beautiful!

Fourth stop: Bohol Python and Wildlife Park

 A weird looking lizard. I don’t know if he’s just bloated or what! Haha.

So there’s a story behind this very makulit monkey. Hahaha. The zookeeper actually mentioned his name but I forgot what is. Anyway, this hyper monkey took Abby’s bottled water. Well, Abby opened it for him. But he’s too playful that he spilled the water all over the place. Good thing we weren’t that wet! Hahaha.

Eagle. I’m not sure what kind.

Finally, meet Prony the giant pyhton!

I swear getting inside this cage was really scary. Prony was sure full at that time. Still, you could not blame me for thinking that he might have eaten me alive! Hahaha. Again, I got so proud of myself for being able to touch this gigantic snake!

And of course, meet Marimar! I swear she was hilarious and pretty entertaining!

After that tiring and fun wildlife adventure…

Karaoke in the bus! Wahaha. I would like to say this in tagalog..
NAKAKAHIYA! Hahahaha. Pero super fun, nakakatuwa lalo na si Ellaine, the girl on the right side. Annebisyosa lang ang peg! But winner to! Saya 🙂

Fifth stop: Lunch at Loboc River Floating Resto

 Mini waterfalls. Literally mini. Hahaha!

So this is what the people from Barangay Gotozon do for their living. They dance and perform tinikling. They even ask the tourists to join them and try dancing tinikling, too. This is the time where tourists give donations to them.

Sixth stop: Tarsier Sanctuary

I was overjoyed to see tarsiers! I have only seen photos of them in post cards, magazines and the internet. But this time, I got to see them for real! Little did I know that these creatures were absolutely cute in real life, hihi.

 Look how adorable this sleeping tarsier was! 🙂

Seventh stop: Carmen Chocolate Hills


I just couldn’t believe that I have been here!
I felt like I was on cloud nine!
Chocolate Hills was phenomenal!

“Mahangin ba sa labas?” Oh yes, seriously! The wind was intensely strong! Hahahaha. We had to brush our hair several times as soon as we got back inside the bus! Hahaha. But the bad hair day was all worth it!

Eighth stop: Simply Butterfly Conservation Center, Bilar

I have found out that there are gay butterflies!

You can determine the gender of a butterfly depending on its wings. If its wings are not equal with each other, perhaps its a gay butterfly. Hahaha! And this photo of a butterfly below was gay. How adorable! ♥

For our last stop, we went to an expensive souvenir shop. It was just annoying how the tour guide brought us to where everything’s expensive. We could have bought from the places we went through this day. Well at least I got to buy lots of peanut kisses! Hihi.

After a tiring countryside tour…

Had dinner and went night swimming with friends on our last night!

Then we had to go back to our rooms before our curfew. My roommates Pauline and Camille and I were watching a local drama movie when Charles came!

Then many of our friends came to visit as well. We were like more or less fifteen in the room. Spent the night food tripping and sharing horror stories.

Oh, Room 416 was indeed memorable! 🙂