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Royal night

                                                      Most awaited event of Levines.

July 14, 2012

Credits to my friends for these photos.

It was a Saturday and it’s our friend, Quenny’s birthday. But we had to attend our PE dance class in the morning because of our practical examination. Early in the morning we went straight to CSB hotel to leave our things then again went back to De La Salle College of Saint Benilde’s main building. There we had our practical examination and asked our professor if we could leave right after we perform. Good thing she allowed us to leave early. So we went back to CSB hotel and start inquiring for an overnight stay. Since we are students from CSB, we have a 50% discount in the hotel.

While some of our friends are inquiring in the hotel…

 with my twin sister, Camille.

Meanwhile, Camille and Rizha went out and had their hair and make up done…
Floren, Pauline and I watched “Insidious” Hahahaha!

While preparing for Quenny’s 18th birthday celebration..

with the ever handsome, Floren.

 with this gorgeous goddess, Pauline.

Before heading out to Diamond Hotel.
with my lovely girls..

We were all supposed to attend the acquaintance party for IHM students but because it was Quenny’s birthday and because we love her this much, we decided not to anymore.  So after preparing, we went straight to Diamond hotel.  Only to find out that the party will start after an hour or less. Hahaha!

with Kate and Rizha.

 (L-R) Rizha, Kate, Me, Luckie and Robee.

Levines’ couple. Wilson and Hannah β™₯.β™₯

Kim and Drea.

The lovely debutante, our angel and peacemaker… Quenny πŸ™‚

Since I’m part of the 18 Gossips.
Gossip. Message. Wish.

Speaking in front of many people during a debut is the hardest thing ever!!!

Hahahaha. LOL.

“My life would be so boring without my friends.
Honest friends are hard to find and even harder to hold on to.”

My friends are crazy, weird and wild…
And yet, I love them to death! β™₯

We act retarded in public and still people love us.

 I β™₯ my  goofy, stupid, gorgeous, lame and socially challenged friends!


Just crank up the volume and we can sing like we’re superstars
and dance like we’re famous because that’s just how we roll.

  We’re young and we fly and we’ll stay that way til we die.

After all the dancing and drinking… =))

 with bebequeens.

 with bebot.

with bro.

 with my boyfriend. Hahaha! Kidding πŸ™‚