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Benildeans' vanity | AIRISH ABELLA

Benildeans’ vanity

My vain friends and I… guilty as charged!!

Last term (Third term), we had this fashion show about the women of Rizal. I portrayed the role of Consuelo Ortiga y Perez. But unfortunately, we didn’t get to have photos during the Fashion Show. But we took photos right after the show! πŸ™‚

with my ‘Bettypoop’ Camille and Kylieee β™₯

Third term in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde was way different from First and Second Term. You get to be separated with your block and be with new people. I found everything as ‘new‘ because we had our classes in the Main Building and the rules are also somewhat different.

I’m currently taking up BS in International Hospitality Management and we only have three sections for this course which are the following: HI11, HI12 and HI13. I belong from the HI12 section, and during third term we had the opportunity to mingle with HI11 and HI13. It was really fun to meet new people and not just stick with whom you already know, like your blockmates. You shouldn’t have boundaries when it comes to meeting new people. Sometimes you just have to stay connected and be friendly. =D

‘One Happy Thursday’ with my Levines ft. Steve at The Beach Taft β™₯

with Hannah, Rizha, Pauline, Kate, Camille, Mama Ish, Quenny, Robee, Steve and Floren! πŸ™‚

Right after that ‘Happy-Thursday-Bonding’ with Steve, we planned to have it again next week together with Steve’s block section HI13 and HI11 section as well..

‘One Happy Thursday Part Two’ =D

with my long lost twin sister, Bettypoop! Heehee. β™₯ We would like to thank our sponsor, Jollibee Taft for the yummy breakfast meal we had… HAHA!

with my girls before heading out to The Beach at Taft :>

Riot! HAHA. HI11-HI12-HI13-UNITES!!! β™₯

We were all into the camera! Hahahaha. We study hard. We party harder! Since that we don’t have classes every Friday we spend most of our Thursdays in The Beach. Hihi.
ANYWAY HIGHWAY (courtesy of Steve) …

Now here’s some very random photos. This is what we do and who we are during school days! =D Hihi. lol.


Bet and I’s so called ‘Princesses Day’ β™₯ Ihhh! We’re maarte like that!!

We just enjoy dressing up and doing our hair together and act up as twins! Hahaha. We wear this cute purple sneakers every PE time!

Close friends finish sentences, giggle, and know what each other are thinking! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other, what matters is that how long would you stay for each other :’)

Ihhhh! We’re so pacute like that! Showing off our dimples! ;;) Hihi. Nothing can beat CAMRISH! Not even JAMICH. Hahahahaha! Crazyyy.

But then again, third term of my Frosh days wouldn’t be that happy and complete without my loving-crazy-and-loud Levines! They have witnessed all my ups and downs, they know my strengths and weakness, but there was never a time that they ever leave my side. I love this crazy people β™₯.β™₯