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Tutu Skirt

Late Post.

December 30, 2011 post on Chictopia. (gorgeousglance)

I’ve always wanted to wear a tutu skirt, yet I don’t know where I could buy one for my age. I tried searching in the department stores but I only found it in the kids’ section. I thought, maybe, I was the only one who would want to wear an apparel most probably kids like. So I was surprised when I opened my Christmas present from my sister, Arianne. She gave me this cute top and tutu skirt. I am so in love with it! 🙂 It’s very unique because each layers were having its own directions. For my shoes, I got this when I had shopping with my dad and siblings during Christmas eve’s day.

I’m such a Laureen Uy wannabe in these photos. Hihi. I really love her so much! ♥

Oopsieee! This one’s an awkward pose. Actually my legs are. HAHA.
Laureen Uy wanna be. Primadonna pumps. Forever 21 tutu skirt. Forever 21 knit blouse. Swatch New Gent watch edition. Victoria’s Secret silver sling bag.

I even made this photo as my Display Picture in Facebook. HAHA.
Every 25th of December we are having this traditional family-get-together. This year, 2011, it was held in Paranaque at my Aunt’s house and not in our ancestral house in Bulacan because we want to make it more private and exclusive only for the immediate family.

We’re very incomplete in this photo. We have such a big family!! My mom has 11 siblings, that’s why =)) Anyway, this photo was taken while we were skyping with Tita Lily who already migrated to the US.
We were suppose to look for an open Milk Tea shop but unfortunately, there’s none. Credits to my cousin, Kate, for this shot! with My sister Arra and cousin Mary Rose. I missed her!! We used to be close to each other and play different outdoor games when we were still kids…
The Youngest Generation of the Nicolas Family… so far.
All the food were good. We’re all stuffed, I guess. Parlor games were also held for the kids while drinking of beer for men and tequila shots for women. We also had non-stop Karaoke-ing.

I love Holidays! More bonding with family. 🙂