New Kid On The Block

Astonished. Speechless.

Times flies so fast… and it is really great to look back and reminisce in the past. Honestly, I am fully delighted with joy today, realizing that one more week and I’m officially turning sophomore in college! These photos were just a glimpse of what my Freshman days have been like.

It was our Frosh Orientation Program (FOP) which was held before the school starts. We get to have some orientation about the school and our course, and we get to meet new friends, our blockmates ♥
Days after FOP here comes the Frosh Solidarity Night (FSN) where there is a live band, food stalls and you could party with all the other freshman students. I didn’t enjoyed the event until I saw these loveys, my high school friends. We were together all night and catch up with each other. :’)

After the getting-to-know stage with my blockmates, I guess we easily get attached with each other like we’ve known each one for a long time. We care for each other like brothers and sisters and acts like best of friends. Even though we would rarely get same schedule as each other’s, these people would remain as a part of me no matter what. I learned to love them and I treated everyone as a friend and some as my brothers and sisters. 🙂

This was taken after we watched the PEP Rally. They introduced every sport including their varsity players. ‘Handsome-Boys-Hunt’ ♥♥♥ =))) lol.

Here’s a random photo taken during our PE time way back in my First Term days. It was our last subject during Thursdays and it so happened that for almost three consecutive Thursdays, it rained really hard. There was this time that I have experienced hard pouring rain, walked in flooded streets of Taft Avenue without anyone to accompany me until my dad rescued me. It was really a tragic experience for me… 

And to end this post…

I’m really grateful for having these two, Kate and Rizha, whom I have really been close to since Day 1. I’m very much comfortable hanging around them and we sure enjoy each other’s company. But in spite of what have been said, I hope that our friendship continues until after college. (not only with the two but the rest of the gang! ♥)