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Late post.

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April 09, 2012. Monday.

Clara’s 18th Birthday)

Luckily, it was a holiday in the Philippines ’cause I still have classes going on until April 14. Actually, ’twas the start of our Finals Week back then and I don’t want to miss the party..

That morning, I asked my friend Nigel Reyes to video shoot me for my Advocacy Project for my Oral Communication class. So yeah we did the video shooting at home and at our Club house. We headed back at home to have our lunch and burn the video to a CD. I swear I don’t know anything with those stuff so I’m really grateful To Nigel for helping me out! At around 3pm, I started prepping myself and asked my eldest sister, Arianne to do my make up. I guess she’s the one I could count on besides my mom for stuff like this while my sister, Arra for styling and helping me choose on what to wear, and lastly, my 11-year-old brother Arthur Dale for being the one who took most of my shots here. Though my phone camera’s in a low quality. Still, credits to my siblings! 🙂
Dress in Manila. Forever 21 ring. bangles from Bangkok. Parisian heels. earrings borrowed from my sister.

Then after a few hours… Nigel, Tin, Erika, Desiree and I was brought by Joselle’s mom to Patio Ibarra, which was the venue for Clara’s 18th birthday. Clara Quiambao was the owner of the Twitter account @ohteenquotes I guess a lot of Twitter users know her. She had been my classmate in High school and I’m so grateful for being invited to her birthday even though we were not that close.

Invitation and Cupcake give-away. (The cupcake was really delicious!! ♥)
The debutante and her glam-rockin Birthday cake.
This shot was really beautiful! Clara was indeed gorgeous! ♥ I love her bloody red glam-rockin ball gown. Isn’t she lovely??
Moving on… After the opening remarks and the 18 roses, each table were asked to go in front and have a picture with the debutante. After the picture taking, we can start eating our dinner.

Table #2 – OC’s with random visitors. Hihi.
These are the desserts. Everything’s yummy!! ♥

After dinner we start hitting our butts’ again to the Photo booth!

When we got our butts back to our table, these singers started performing. I was really in awe while hearing their gorgeous voices! If only you could witness how they perform, they sing with their hearts! Oh, I love them! :’)

The debutante with Rhap Salazar and a 14-year-old-girl (I forgot her name)
After their performance.. We went to the Photo booth again, now that our group was almost complete. Yaaay! OC’s my love ♥

Showing off our rings. Hihi. Leopard, Owl (missed Chay) and Oval with diamonds.
After our cam-whoring.. We started to be in the same table with almost all of our classmates in fourth year.

Started drinking.

Then… Joyce and Michael were awarded ‘Best dressed’ 🙂 Go OC’s!!

For the last time!!! Hahahaha. Moncsters :’)

When the party’s over. Everyone started dancing, singing and all…

Before we leave, had our last shot with the debutante ♥

Anyway, I really enjoyed the night! Catching up through College life, dancing together, eating, drinking and invading the Photo Booth was hella fun! Happyhappy 🙂