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Late post.

November 7, 2011 post in Chictopia. (gorgeousglance)

(4 days before my birthday. Hihi)

It was actually a holiday when my family and I decided to hit the mall for shopping. I needed to buy new shoes and stockings for school. This dress was given to me by my friend, Nigel, as a birthday and Christmas present last year. The interesting story behind this gift was that Nigel’s mom saw a picture of ours with our friend, Margaux, and told him that she likes me and she likes my fashion sense. Then she thought of buying me a dress. It was really flattering! I never thought that someone will appreciate my style and I am grateful for it. :’)

I love this dress because I find it really comfortable and for the fact that I can wear it in any occasion. Neither too formal, nor too casual as well.

cardigan from Bangkok. Forever 21 dress. Parisian flats. Forever 21 sunglasses. necklace from Bangkok.
Just so you know, it was my first time to have this so called ‘my own little photo shoot’ about my outfit-of-the-day. I somehow find it very silly to take photos of your outfit but it was really fun. Credits to my sister, Arra, for asking me to join her for the photo shoot. I guess we had our photo shoot before we left the house.

Anyway, after shopping, we had lunch at El Pollo Loco because my dad was craving for their chicken and pita bread. Then we went to my uncle’s house and took almost half of my late abuelita’s (which I badly miss) vintage clothes. All of her dresses were custom-made and all are beautiful. I can’t wait to try them out with my sister! 🙂