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A Night To Remember

Late post.

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January 14, 2012. Saturday.

(Thessa’s 18th Birthday Celebration)

It was the second week of my First Year – Third Term life. And yes, I do have a Saturday class because of my NSTP subject. It was like having an immersion activity to a place with less fortunate people and you get to interact with them and at least know what it’s like to have that kind of life. But anyway, during that day, luckily, we still do have our orientation in the classroom so no worries and a hassle-free day for all of us.

After class, my best friend Camille and I rushed up to my friend’s house, Pauline. We had lunch, took a nap and hang out before ‘twas finally 4pm.
Then Hannah and Robee finally showed up from their class. We dressed up together, fixed our hair, helped each other do our make-up and some of us actually exchanged dresses. It’s really nice to have your friends in times like this! ♥

 This dress was actually the one I borrowed from Hannah. Hihi.
We even had our little photo shoot after we have prepared. I really enjoyed those moments, especially for the fact that we were all girls and we can do anything we want! 🙂 

We’re ‘pa-pogi‘ like that! Ihhhhh :’)

Until Wilson came and drove us all the way to the hotel where the event would be held.

We were all so excited and happy during the night! I can say that everything was magical. The debutante, Thessa, looks really amazing and gorgeous during that night! She perfectly standout on her beautiful golden yellow gown that seems like to be inspired from Belle in Beauty and The Beast, while all of us have worn dark colors. I totally had fun that night! Everybody were all drinking, dancing, singing, playing around and just enjoying that night! 🙂

After party… Pauline’s dad fetched us and went straight to their house. Then, we waited for our parents to come over and fetch us there.
When I got home. I asked my mom to some photos of me for my blog. Hahaha. She’s really supportive ever since! I really love her!!! 🙂
curly hair. dress borrowed from Hannah. gold bangles from Bangkok. ring borrowed from my sister. Parisian heels.
 Looking forward for more happy moments with my friends again. I’m so happy! :’)