food | AIRISH ABELLA - Part 2
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    Diamond Hotel: Corniche experience

    We had buffet dinner at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Manila. We were asked to observe the whole restaurant operation and answer some of the questions given. This served as our finals, instead of having written exam. Their facilities were awesome! HIM1B class with Ms. Vivian Perez The food was great! Again, credits to my friends for these photos! Love you all ♥

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    Bar Management class

    Learn and taste about different spirits and/or alcoholic drinks. To make mixed drinks and shooters. To be able to perform Flairtending or Extreme Bartending basic moves and tricks, if possible. Our first meeting was all about Brandy or can be known as “burnt wine”. I just wanted to share some of the thing I learned and some that I found in my notes. Hihihi One of the most familiar brandies is Cognac which is named after a region in France. Armagnac has a strong flavor which distinguishes it from Cognac.  American Brandy is known for its sweet flavor and can also be used to any cocktail that calls for Brandy.…

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    Start of my junior year

    Fresh start of my third year in college! ♥ As soon as we got back to Taft from our summer break, a new dessert and milk tea store opened in front of our school’s building which is known as Igloo. We got curious and so we tried this plant looking chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreos on top. Sweet and chocolate lovers out there might wanna try this! So since it’s modular term for us, IHM students, our class usually lasts two to three hours long for each subjects. We usually get a break only for thirty minutes that’s why we frequently eat in some small food chains beside our building.…