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Ways to grow and become a better person

Every day, I spend 1-2 hours having my daily devotion or daily quiet time with God. I have subscribed to Pastor Rick Warren’s FREE Daily Hope Devotional wherein I receive it through email every single day, and for the past few days, I have also been listening to his daily broadcast regarding ways to grow and become a better person. So this article is mostly based on his teachings which I’d like to share with you as I feel like each one of us needs it in our life. You can click HERE if you want to sign up too.

Was there a point in your life when you felt like giving up?

Don’t worry because you’re not alone. A lot of people goes through the same thing almost every single day. As per Pastor Rick’s own words, life is like a marathon. At the beginning of a marathon, a lot of people starts off looking great and confident. But as they keep moving farther, they begin struggling. Some give up in the middle of the race, and only a few endure until the end of the line. Similar to a marathon, you don’t get the gold medal at the starting point of a race, you only get the gold medal once you finished the race.

So now, do you still feel like giving up? I hope not.

“Watch out that you do not lose what you’ve worked for, but may be fully rewarded.” 2 John 1:8

I want to end the race well too, so here are ways to grow and become a better person:

But first, it is important to be intentional about your growth or transformation. You have to choose to continue to grow, and let go of your old sinful ways. I just finished listening to the broadcast earlier, so I haven’t done all these yet, but I’m sharing this so we can grow together and so as we can encourage one another to become a better person.

Fix a daily time with God.

Staying connected with God helps you get to know Him and His will for your life, as well as the power to do His will. Growing up as a Christian, I pray, and I recognize Him as my creator and savior, Jesus Christ. But I don’t think I ever had this relationship with Him which only started a year ago. It’s like you, knowing a celebrity by his or her name, you don’t personally know that person. That was Jesus and me all my life. I only knew Him by His name, nevertheless, I’m glad that I’m slowly having a more intimate relationship with Him as I get to know Him each day.

I’ve mentioned this a few times on my other posts already, but last year, I almost gave up just because my business was in financial crisis at that time. And I started to get disconnected from God. I began to slack off and lost my daily time with Him. That time, I chose not to tell anyone what I was going through. I just let it be. There were times when I would forget about my problems, and there were times that it sinks in entirely to me.

And then, when I’ve chosen to connect with Him again, that’s when everything starts to make sense. I realized that when I draw myself farther from God, everything seems hopeless. But when I chose to get closer to Him, I have this assurance. I have this faith, and He gives me hope that everything will get better soon. He gives me the power, the ability, the effort, the desire, and everything I need not do what’s wrong and do what’s right.

“Everyone who lives in union with Christ does not continue to sin.” 1 John 3:6

So it’s best to be consistent with your daily time with God because when you’re disconnected, that’s when the enemy attacks because you’re powerless and defenseless against his temptations and lies. The enemy tries to keep us busy, so we can’t spend time with God. I’m guilty of this too, especially when I’m traveling, I get so excited to explore that I forget to spend even just a few minutes with Him.

Talk to God all the time. 😉

I must fill my mind with God’s word.

It is also known as the “soul food,” which you must get into your heart and mind. It gives you the strength to get through whatever comes your way. What you fill your mind with reflects your life and personality.

Before I thought that attending a Sunday service is already good enough but turns out, it’s not, which I now understand why. When the enemy attacks you, you don’t wait until Sunday to listen to the pastor’s preaching before you act on a situation. The scriptures serve as your defense against the enemies’ lies. When a thought comes into your mind saying that you’re worthless, you know where it’s coming from. If you don’t have His words in your heart and mind, you would instantly believe that lie and take it against yourself.

I used to fell for that lie. I thought I was worthless, helpless, and worst of all, hopeless. During those times, all I do was to search for sad and painful quotes that can relate to me. I read them a lot, so I filled my mind with nothing but negative thoughts. I guess that’s how we humans, respond to situations most of the time. We hurt ourselves even more.

YOU = your biggest critic

But once you fill your mind with positive thoughts and God’s word, your mood changes. Your despair turns into joy. It’s a shame that by now, I have only memorized a few bible verses. I read them but I don’t know them by heart. I need to start memorizing too!

Again, these are all based on Pastor Rick’s teaching.

Apart from my quiet time, I also grow as I enjoy writing down my thoughts or simply being creative. I love designing my own planner sheets, calendar, graphic content for my business’ social media posts before, and even note cards.

I recently got to try Paperless Post and sent a birthday card for one of my freelance clients.

On their Greeting Cards’ Birthday section, I chose one of their prettiest designs and customized it with my message. And what surprised me the most is that it comes with an envelope too and chose one of their lovely floral linings.  Ahhhhh, it’s just so pretty!

I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon! Oh, and of course, the response of my client. I’m just so grateful for her for the opportunity she has given me, so I wanted to make her feel special on her birthday. 🙂

Until next time!


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